Bio-Peptide is an innovative pharmaceutical company specializing in manufacturing of hormonal based products and peptides

Our mission is to help people improve quality of their life and increase their life expectancy, become healthier and happier. Following our mission, we invest a lot of effort and money to implement latest developments of scientific researchers in our practice

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Our laboratory

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Our laboratory attained ''GMP'' Approval status to verify our quality standards


''GMP'' Stand for Good Manufacturing Process is an international quality standard system which ensures that medical products are produced and controlled in accordance with quality standards, specifications and requirements appropriate for their intended use.


GMP meaning strict control of all stages and aspects of the manufacturing process - including sanitary and technological norms / labels on containers / equipment quality and hygiene of the staff involved during production. GMP covers from the production till the distribution of the medicines. GMP guidelines are a set of basic rules , requirements and procedures that must be followed and fullfilled by any pharmaceutical Grade Laboratory.

GMP guarantees quality of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and the medicines produced are safe and suitable for use

Detailed research

We perform our research down to smallest molecule level to ensure our products are efficient and safe for all patients in need


We collaborate with research centers and laboratories all over the world to ensure that latest scientific methods are applied


Our laboratory equipment allows fast and precise research and monitoring of our product quality and efficiency

Clinical trials

We perform our product clinical trials of with various groups of volunteers and constantly improve quality of products


We are focused at helping people with special needs therefore our products are designed for comfortable use
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